Playin Soccer: #ProsBehindThePros | Episode 3 “Dress For Success” by Beko

Awesome Tip: #ProsBehindThePros | Episode 3 “Dress For Success” by Beko

“Through unique access as FCB’s official training partner, Beko’s exclusive 4-part series uncovers the staff behind the scenes making healthier lifestyles possible at FC Barcelona.

Watch Episode 3 with Kitmen José Antonio Ibarz ‘Taja’, Jordi Duran and Gabri Galan to find out how kit and uniform preparations are vital ingredients for success.

0:25 Skip Intro
2:57 A day in the life of the FC Barcelona kit team
5:15 The team on tour
7:30 The Joan Gamper Trophy Match
9:30 Episode 4 Trailer

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  1. Reply

    I want to know the video team behind woow they are foing phenomenal job capturing good quality stuff and music

  2. Reply

    They are the real heroes of the club! Big shout out to them!

  3. Reply


  4. Reply

    verguenza lo que cobran los futbolistas, por no hacer nada

  5. Reply

    I am from future 2020,if don't change your board you guys will be humiliated by bayern.try to strengthen your defense

  6. Reply

    8-2 need more Kits And stuff

    • J D
    • February 20, 2021

    What are they gonna do if they take only 4 kits per player , and a player exchanges shirts in the first 4 games with an opponent

  7. Reply

    I will love barca more for this.❤
    Huge respect to them❤

  8. Reply

    Muito bom,sabe essa parte do time

  9. Reply

  10. Reply

    Good controlling

  11. Reply

    algerein love so much fcb barcha

  12. Reply

    Titulo en español y no hay ni una palabra en español por lo menos suctitulos

  13. Reply

    Unsung heroes behind Barca victory

  14. Reply

    Did Jay Shetty voice this ..? Or is it just me ?

  15. Reply

    Can u plz ship all the training shirts,jersey etc to India too…im a big fan of barca..well messi too of course… i wanna wear it..it will be an honour!!!

  16. Reply

    What happens to kits at the end of the season? And all of the training gear?? What do clubs do to them?

  17. Reply

    Me gusta mucho el barsa y su masia que lindo seria estar hay jugando

  18. Reply

    More than a club

  19. Reply

    Soccer players have to do strength training and injury prevention training in the gym with weights and resistance in order to prevent injuries. Obviously something is going wrong if everyone is getting injured

  20. Reply

    Respect man. Best show for me. Love it

  21. Reply

    Ironing the kits? Are you kidding me? Nahhh

  22. Reply

    Feu un sobre el camp Nou!!

  23. Reply

    İ mean the players must take care of their kits themselves. Why do you need all that stuff

  24. Reply

    Visca Barca <3
    Quisiera Jugar en La Masia

  25. Reply

    Corner taken quickly ORIGIIIIIII

  26. Reply

    Mi Pregunta Es: Si Barcelona Es De España Osea (Español), Porque Los Documentales Son En Ingles, Alguien Me Explica!

  27. Reply

    I want to join barca i am 17 years old i play at a high level in the netherlands and i want to improve where do i need to start to contacting higher clubs like barca

  28. Reply

    Not the most famous youth academy

  29. Reply

    Y el otro capítulo ???

  30. Reply

    I want to Barca top fan

    • E z
    • February 20, 2021

    The narrator sounds like jay shetty

    • BK
    • February 20, 2021

    I enjoy every second of the video

  31. Reply

    Visca El barca

    • So Ni
    • February 20, 2021

    Bought Antonio and Frankie, yet nothing has changed in their playing style.. not a single thing!
    This explains how unbelievable Valverde is..

    • So Ni
    • February 20, 2021

    How will these "PROS" lose awfully again in Cl is yet unknown!

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