Playin Soccer: Professional Soccer/Football Coach Breaks Down Your Highlight Videos!

Awesome Tip: Professional Soccer/Football Coach Breaks Down Your Highlight Videos!

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    Can there be a watermark in my Highlight Video? Thanks!

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    What do I need for a scholarship?

  3. Reply

    Please do one of my video

  4. Reply

    how long should our videos be ?

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    How you can highlight yourself at games

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    Great feedback

  7. You should do another one of these videos it really helped me because I want to play college soccer so bad I started making recruiting videos and I won’t graduate until 2025

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    If you're looking to go pro from college how do you get pro teams to look for you or how do you approach them?

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    I just want to say hi to coach javi

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    2:24 anyone recognize kasch park in everett?

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    I like how you don’t sugarcoat what you’re thinking

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    Amazing video!

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    The slacker has return

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    Coach, i'm from honduras ,great videos

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    Ima send you my higlight video

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    Hi I just got this notification. I subbed

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