Playin Soccer: Professional Soccer/Football Coach Breaks Down Amateur Highlight Videos!

Awesome Tip: Professional Soccer/Football Coach Breaks Down Amateur Highlight Videos!

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    Hi coach Javi. Would it be worth emailing college coaches even if I don’t have a highlight video?

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    I think Keni’s video was good overall but he has to remember that his dad shouldn’t be contacting colleges for him, it shows a lack of interest from the player from the coaches point of view. Maybe he’s not doing this when emailing coaches as a sophomore but it’s a safe assumption from my part. Also I feel that more players than less really need to find highlights of something that makes them standout in their playing style, even if they are overall a solid player.

  4. Coach Javi!! Could you do a video talking about what are the best boarding schools for international students please? Thanks and keep it up !!

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    Can you talk about the tactical part as a coach.

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    Eu sou do Iraque, nascido em 2006, jogando no clube juvenil do Al-Mina, com menos de 16 anos de idade. Este clube é o primeiro time que joga na Premier League iraquiana pelo futebol. Um clube de massa na cidade e no Iraque.

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    That Santiago guy is a CB and he’s 5”8 here in England you could never be a Cb if your 5’8 I know it’s bad but clubs will say no regardless of how good you are

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    Fuck yeah, love you bro

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    Hello, im from Indonesia

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    Hi Coach Javi! Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and for all the recommendations I’ll take them into account to make my work look more serious and keep improving! I really want to get to D1!

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    Thank you so much coach Javi. It is my old highlight, so here is my new tape. But thanks for those two clips I have to take off (just to clarify, on that match we played with me as a free man there on the defence). By the way if you want to check out my new clip it would be awesome. https://youtu.be/M4_gb3LTcqI

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    Well done Javi

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    Great video man ! Really love it !

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    Thank you for making a new video. When I watch your video it makes me wanna go play and train. Keep it up Coach Javi

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    I love ur videos coach javi!

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