Playin Soccer: Professional KITMAN Shows Us His Jersey Collection!

Awesome Tip: Professional KITMAN Shows Us His Jersey Collection!

Music: Epidemic Sound.


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    Let’s give Kitman Moy some love on IG @kitmanmoy

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    Chivas, is also my favorite team

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    This makes me want to start collecting as many jerseys as possible.

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    Actually had a Bofo Signed chivas jersey, got mixed up with some other stuff in the closet and ultimately got lost.

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    Y arriba las Chivas May!!!

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    top 10 vid on the Coach Javi channel

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    It's always cool when the memorabilia has a deeper meaning and a story tied to it. Nice collection!

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    man like moy <3

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    Last time I came this early I ended up being a dad

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    I love those jeresys

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