Playin Soccer: Professional Coach Breaks Down YOUR Highlight Videos!

Awesome Tip: Professional Coach Breaks Down YOUR Highlight Videos!

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    You know what to do: [email protected]hotmail.com

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    yes get anton in a vid, would be cool to see a committed highschooler in a video.

  3. Reply

    Damn thank yiu

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    I want to see what Anton’s got!

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    maybe break down matches of top players?

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    Thanks for the advice man. I will take in the advice you gave me!

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    What's your discount code for quickplaysport.us?

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    recording the video is toughest thing for me.. like who wuld record it when i m playing

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    Great breakdown of the videos Coach! Would love to see you breakdown Matt Sheldon's hs highlights video!

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    Yes pls have him in the preseasons

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    The videos we need in 2021!

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    Hey Coach Javi. My name is Anthony Chavoya. I am currently finishing up my 12th grade year in high school. I am a goalkeeper that has played soccer since the age of 6. I played competitive club soccer since the age of 11.

    I currently play for Laguna United FC, they took 2nd at the So Cal National Cup in 2019. Before that I played for Irvine Strikers FC 2003 Gap Academy. I also played 4 years for AC Brea (now called FC Golden State NPL). My personal goalkeeper coach for over the last 5 years has been Daniel Gonzalez, former LA Galaxy Goalkeeper Coach and US Men’s U19 Goalkeeper Coach. I know people men, women, and coaches who have committed or coach at D1 schools like Cal State Bakersfield, Gonzaga, CBU, Seattle, Utah, Stanford, USC, And UCLA. Also I Also Know Players And Coaches From the Premier League (Arsenal, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Fulham, And Sheffield United), Ligue 1 (AS Monaco), Champions League (Chelsea FC’s First Team Goalkeeper Coach and Roberto Vasquez who is the same thing at Real Madrid as well in the round of 16), and the CONCACAF Champions League As Well. I also know players and coaches that coach in the England National Team federation as well. Also my soccer team is ranked fourth in cal south.

    In high school school I played 6 games on Varisty my 9th grade year at Orange Lutheran High School. I was voted JV player MVP. My 10th grade year I played every Varsity game for Orange Lutheran. My 11th grade year I transferred to Valencia High School because of financial reasons. I was the starting Varsity goalkeeper there as well. We finished second in league and made the playoffs. I also can play any of the back four positions of the defensive line also.

    I have a 3.7 GPA and take my academics very seriously. I am having trouble with college recruiting and getting interests from schools during this uncertain time. I have some interest from some schools but not really the next step, like a phone call or even an offer. I have a D3 offer but I wanna see if I can make NAIA, D2, or D1 even. When you have time you can email, call, or text me. My Instagram handle is @Achavoya24 if you want to check it out coach. I love your videos a lot coach!!!!!

    My video link is:



    Anthony Chavoya
    Class of 2021


    Hey coach. Here is the link to my game highlights VS Barcelona Arizona Residential Academy at The Arsenal Challenge Cup In Phoenix Arizona two weeks ago. I also have highlights from My last game a week ago vs Riverside City FC.



    Hey coach, here is my highlights from the Desert Cup during Thanksgiving Weekend.


    Hey coach I wanted to share with you my training highlights from 2020. Can’t wait to hear back from you coach.


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    Wish you the best of luck with coaching the U-23 Detroit City FC team.

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    Thank you coach Javi! Thank you for all the advice!

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    Great video Coach Javi. I want to train with you.

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    Monday and have a new video of this channel ¿Which way better?

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    appreciate it coach!

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    Great video

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    But the thing is that there has to be more communication in the field and more talking from the teammates

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    What i liked about this highlight video was that there was alot of open space and there was great passing and good distribution

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    Love this series can u do a center back next time

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    Bring Anton to save

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