Playin Soccer: Preparing Them For Their Freshman Year! ALMOST Done With The Wall!

Awesome Tip: Preparing Them For Their Freshman Year! ALMOST Done With The Wall!

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  1. Reply

    Hey Javi where can I buy the white voit ball u have

  2. Reply

    Coach javi , im a soccer player from sweden and im looking for different colleges to go play collegeball. Do you have some recommendations for me ? i right now play in the 4th division in sweden, best regards 🙂

  3. Reply

    Cuanto fue por el ticket ? Saludos desde east palo alto ca.

  4. Reply

    I play for chicago inferno

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    I have a question for u. My son is 14 and want a personal trainer What do u look in a trainer

  7. Reply

    That video was edited too fast

  8. Reply

    i have a question
    so my middle school coach said that i have the potential to become a pro but i dont know how to reach it can you help me pleas?.

  9. Reply

    Love the vids, keep up the work and stay breezy

  10. Reply

    you dont have to fast forward everything ya know

  11. Reply

    Hey man where are u from? Where do u live?

  12. Reply

    Olipmpic park

  13. Reply

    Damn those cops must be bored! I've only seen them issued by parking enforcement. Love your story tho haha!!

  14. Reply

    Come scout at south New Jersey there's great players here

  15. Reply

    4:38 I have a mug EXACTLY like that one

  16. Reply

    Freshman year of highschool or college?

  17. Reply

    You should scout in the area of San Diego California many great players in this area

  18. Reply

    Love the videos!!!!!

  19. Reply

    How often should you work on conditioning

  20. Reply

    what do you look for in goalkeepers?

  21. Reply

    Thanks pablito

  22. Reply

    Que onda paisa de Donde Eres

  23. Reply

    Hey coach Javi where do your cousins play

  24. Reply

    Where do ur cousins play soccer

  25. Reply

    Your channel is amazing

  26. Reply

    Lol wow every one is getting a ticket

  27. Reply

    Nice video I still remember my freshman soccer year (I didnt play injured) , we didn't win a game lol, then my sophomore and Jr year we didn't lose a game, then senior year went downhill and we only won 2 games

  28. Reply

    wanna see the training session para copiar tu drills

  29. I just noticed you were at Olympic park. what town are you from ?

  30. Reply

    Thank you Boozer!!! Remember, lifes too short, smile more mate! lol

  31. Reply

    Do you live in Illinois?

  32. Reply

    what does your tattoo mean and what is it I can't see it your always moving lol love your videos

  33. Reply

    I want training football can you give me formation

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