Playin Soccer: ⚽ 💥 Preparation & goals ahead of EL CLÁSICO

Awesome Tip: ⚽ 💥 Preparation & goals ahead of EL CLÁSICO

After a day off following the 5-1 victory against Ferencváros on Tuesday, Koeman’s men were back at the training ground on Thursday morning with a new target in sight: EL CLÁSICO on Saturday. Jordi Alba, still on the road to recovery from injury, was there too and was able to take part in some of the exercises


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  2. Reply

    If only Griezmann could do half of what he does in training in the games…

    But still

    Keep up the hard work Antoine, you can get your spot back!

  3. what a sooong

  4. Reply


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    name song pls?!!!!

  6. Reply

    Неге ұтыла бересіңдер

  7. Reply

    PUIIGGGGGG!!!!!! :)))

  8. Reply

    lucien favre would be the right manager for u guys

  9. Reply

    You for nothing noobs real win at you two times and you zero

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  11. The training was perfect and performance was good but luck was not on our side

  12. Reply

    "I can't believe that the best days of mankind have slipped away," the words of the song go. Kind of sums up where Barca are these days!

  13. Reply

    1 – 3

  14. Reply

    who is coming after they lost 3-1

  15. Reply


  16. Reply

    1-3 real .rocks like shit. Is that a strong team? shit fans, disappointed

  17. Reply

    I wish him the best in El Clasico. But i think he should start on the bench for now and come in at 2nd half

  18. Reply

    I love you the barcelona

  19. Reply

    grizman lokk like a women

  20. Reply

    for the love of god can somebody tell me the name of the song in beggining , shazam didnt find it and typing lyrics didnt work out either

  21. Reply

    Why umtiti??

  22. Reply

    During training session Griezman is wow ! So good but During competition his shit

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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

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    Pls take win

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    كل التدريبات ذي وآخرتها يدقك الريال للأسف

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    I hope Riqui Pugiz get chance to play Tonight

  29. Reply

    alba is under rated

  30. Reply

    Leo no dejo la pelota ni para tomar agua.
    baaaamos barçaaaaaaaa¡¡¡¡¡
    Saludos desde argentina

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