Playin Soccer: Pre-PreSeason Soccer Drills – Getting a Professional Footballer Ready

Awesome Tip: Pre-PreSeason Soccer Drills – Getting a Professional Footballer Ready

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  1. Reply

    Don’t forget to check out the next episode!

  2. Reply

    How many times should a footballer train in a week

  3. Reply

    Verry good chalnal

  4. Reply

    coach J with the goalie skills lololo

  5. Reply

    Ci bon

  6. Reply

    After practice my lower back pain …. How to recovery this problem…

  7. Reply

    Sir I have a qus ?

  8. Reply

    Post some game highlights of you & the guy you are training !!!

  9. Reply

    Great video

  10. Reply

    want to see kitman moy

  11. Reply

    Great inspiration for me. You are one of the main reason why I started private coaching and my own Youtube channel!

  12. Reply

    Great video, I’m going to watch every training video

  13. Reply

    I swear every single football youtuber has their own brand of grip socks

    Edit: George’s jacket is hard asf

  14. Reply

    It’s time for the trainings haha good drills man keep it going

  15. Reply

    Please more sessions! Amazing work

  16. Reply

    Coach Javi is also a great goalkeeper. He can fly in the air 🙂

  17. Reply

    How are you gonna use soccer and football in the same sentence lmfao

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