Playin Soccer: Post Match Soccer Drills – Perfect For Recovery and Balance!

Awesome Tip: Post Match Soccer Drills – Perfect For Recovery and Balance!

Here is a great light intensity session you can do after a match. It was just a few exercises focusing on balance and recovery!

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Hold On by Joakim Karud
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    Hey guys, here's a cool session you can do for a light intensity day. When legs are heavy or you just had a game, this session will be perfect for recovery and to work on your balance. Enjoy!

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    Does doing it with a tennis ball increase accuracy?

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    Im so sore that I can’t even have a session like that. I usually have to take about 2 days off

  4. Very good! Tnx

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    I think a camp in chicago in the summer will be good

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    most likely this footballer had another recovery with groins and knees after last exercise 🙂

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    Definitely using that second setup with my team. If it’s not a recovery day, are these exercises still good to donat a high intensity? Meaning are these activities designed to be down at low intensity or is the intensity variable?

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    Can you do a video on injury recovery drills to use to ease back into training?

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    Tips to get in shape? (Stamina)

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    What could you tell me about the TOEFL how importance does it have to enter on d1 ?

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    You have any tips how to get a scholarship

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    Shout out

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    Woww I love your vids

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