Playin Soccer: POSSIBLE GIVEAWAY!?! – VLOG 2!


QUICK QUESTION: Are you guys liking these vlogs? I hope so because I want to continue interacting with everyone! Also, thoughts on a giveaway?

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  1. Reply

    can you make a video for forward workouts/drillz

  2. Reply

    This is it… I thought ur practicing tips were nice, but this vlog is great.. I love the idea of a giveaway, to bad i live in Brazil now soo.. A cool thing is that I found out u attended Ashford where I almost went to play in my college carrer, I ended up at Bethel College, but still have great friends there. Recently I started a youtbe channel on how brazilians can get soccer scholarship in the US as I did, with this of how to get it and how to prepare to it and your channel has been a great influence… Keep up with the vlog and soccer tips.. peace

  3. Reply

    Yes I would love a giveaway!!

    • Colin
    • February 17, 2021
  4. Reply

    A giveaway would be dope! Any advice for young athletes playing competitive as to how and what they should be eating. I think nutrition is a big part of keeping fit and having energy in your body for the training sessions and games. Thanks in advance and great vlog brother keep up the good work!!

  5. Reply

    Great stuff man, I am a USSF D candidate currently and I love watching your vids. Would love to network and ask a couple questions if possible. Keep up the good content.

  6. Reply

    those training tops are fresh! a giveaway would be awesome. I could already notice an improvement in this vlog from the first one.

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    At 1:53 on the leg press your back is lifting off the pad which can cause injury to your lower back when the weights get head. Stay in your ROM you dont have to come all the way to your chest. Nice vid

  8. Reply

    I say do a giveaway.
    As for the other videos, I would like some individual drills where you only need yourself and not someone. I usually can't get anyone to help me out.

  9. dude the part with the orange juice and eggs was brilliant! I was like this guy is a badass, but it turned out it was orange juice lol, also do the giveaway, a way to do it is we send you videos of us doing soccer skills , you pick your top 3 and send the shirts! thanks as always!

  10. Reply

    yes ,Do a give away on tops, great way to pimp out the site and get new players interested in training. I as well do training like you do here in Minnesota ,I  Train my son Alex(17) SSM DA player like you do with the GW players . Like to get in touch to swap Ideas . How can we?

    • ML
    • February 17, 2021

    Include advices about football in these vlogs. Doesn't need to be anything specific, just what comes to your mind e.g.

  11. Reply

    You should make the vlogs more soccer related.

  12. Reply

    Nice! The gear looks good.

  13. Reply

    Can you talk about full extension. I had a long talk with my bro about this the other day. He just isnt doing full extension in the weight room.

  14. Reply

    nice video! can you show the t-shirt better in the next video?

  15. Reply

    Absolutely up for the giveaway! In need of a sky blue one my friend! I hope you are enjoying your vay k

  16. Reply

    Yea do a giveaway the shirts are dope

  17. Reply

    Heck yes I want one. I think of you as my coach and would love to represent your channel.

  18. Reply

    i want one coachhhhhhh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Reply

    I want one coach Javi…. biggest follower

  20. Reply

    how did you make your logo

  21. Reply

    nice video man I enjoy watching your videos

  22. Reply

    Conchas con cafe

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