Playin Soccer: Position Game – GK+9v9+GK +2 Pivots – FC Barcelona

Awesome Tip: Position Game – GK+9v9+GK +2 Pivots – FC Barcelona

GK+(5+4 Outside) vs (5+4 Outside)+GK with 1 or 2 pivots
Play with the second line to return the ball faced.
Alternate short game with long game (short and long passes).
Give continuity to the game after any passes.
Orientation changes (right-left , left-right).
Spacial and temporal perception (pivots).

1 or 2 touches, the pivots play free or 2 touches.
Change the 2 players of outside and inside every 3’-4’.
The Goalkeepers have to play with the feet.
The pivots play always with attacking team.
The outside players give support to the players inside.

This position game can convert in a Match in each each goalkeeper plays with his team.

25x20m (maximum 40x30m)


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