Playin Soccer: Position Game – (4+1) v 2 – FC Barcelona

Awesome Tip: Position Game – (4+1) v 2 – FC Barcelona

They are the same as in Rondos and in addition:
– Technical: Speed of the ball; Improvement of the passes (tense passes) and control (always oriented).

– Tactical: Good disposition in pitch (no loose the position); No lose the ball; Improvement of support (body position, line passes); Triangulations of pivots; Alternation of short and long game; Perception of the game space (especially pivots); Temporal perception (timing); Election of the best option (possessor of the ball and teammates); Game interpretation; Pressure of the defenders (defensive work).

– Psychological: Concentration (according to rules); Chip change attack/defense and defense/attack (in some games); Intensity in the game (attack as defense); Improvement of team work, commitment, responsibility.


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