Playin Soccer: Pol, a new robot to help sick children

Awesome Tip: Pol, a new robot to help sick children

As a tribute to the memory of Pol, the first child to be able to visit Camp Nou Experience via a remote robot, the FC Barcelona Foundation has decided to give his name to the innovative tool which allows children in hospital to enjoy the same experience.
13 year old Pol was a patient at the Sant Pau Hospital and he died just weeks after his dream came true. Using the robot controlled from his bed, Pol was able to visit Camp Nou and the museum accompanied by ex-Barça player Éric Abidal.
This was the first this the FC Barcelona Foundation’s innovative project had been tested, an initiative aimed at children all around the world who due to illness are not allowed to leave the hospital.
After the first experience of using the robot which has been developed by the company AWABOT, the Foundation will launch the project which allows a robot to be controlled via a remote computer connected to the internet. The robot has two cameras, one above and one below, that give a complete picture as well as seven internal microphones that can pick up sound in the immediate vicinity. This new initiative comes under the Foundation’s strategic and innovative social plan.

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    Mi hijo también tubo la felicidad de conducir el robot Pol

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    Abidal is the best Barça ambassador, not fucking Ronaldinho

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    Gas the bots

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    Pol relacionamento sério

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    Pol relacionamento sério

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    You picked the wrong name bud

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    Rest in Paradise Pol.

    • josh
    • February 22, 2021

    Wrong title should be try not to cry challenge

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    this is so sad ! 🙁 🙁 🙁 god bless barca and abidal !

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    ¿Este chico es del vídeo de auronplay? Que el niño quería que auronplay fuera a verle al hospital pero no podía ….

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    Lloré al verlo

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    Grande Abidal, Corazon de Leon!

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    what the coutinho in barcelona???

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    More than a club

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    Abidal hello from pureus

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    I'm going to set aside my Anti-board/Anti-Bartomeu propaganda and say that this is an amazing thing that we are doing here.

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    Mes que un club

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