Playin Soccer: Players vs Referees

Awesome Tip: Players vs Referees

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    • Egor
    • October 20, 2021

    2:27 ufffffffffffffff

  1. Werbung

  2. intro so good

  3. Some refs just get pissed way too quickly

  4. What's the intro song name?

  5. :buffering:

  6. 4:14

  7. The boys vs the ref not players

  8. Its the boys vs the fasicsme girls

  9. Aguero tuching woman: Then the girl come and say You have to Ask You can do that an mammmmmaaaammammam

  10. 2:30 her @?

  11. Pls bring back last minute goals

  12. Song??

  13. 1:00 the most undeserving match ever

  14. Nice edit fam

  15. Here we can see a lot of dumb referee

    • RED
    • October 20, 2021

    Pep: thank you so much

  16. 4:13
    what the fuck lmao

  17. 710 layk xorazmdan UZBEKISTON

  18. 5:55 is perfect meme material.

  19. It is about referees but there is no clip about Arda Turan is throwing his shoe to side referee. Interesting.

  20. Score90 doesn't make videos, Quality videos makes Score90

  21. 2:28, name ?

  22. song??

  23. ronaldo snatching red card was cute

  24. Ref doesnt call ibra, ibra calls ref

  25. Pin if i tricked you

    Read more

  26. How is everyone
    Good. Bad

    / /

  27. Funny refres

  28. Idk why but the Intro always hits hard.

  29. Can you list the bgms in the video please??

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