Playin Soccer: Players vs Managers: Crazy Moments!

Awesome Tip: Players vs Managers: Crazy Moments!

Watch the craziest fights, bloopers & funny moments of Fооtbаll managers. Produced by Score 90.

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    Da thumbnail tho. That is why I clocked

  3. Reply

    3:00 w

  4. Reply

    3:13 when you fail but your crush is watching

    • ARTS
    • June 23, 2021

    And now gattuso was a manajer

  5. Reply

    Y do u have to repeat videos

  6. Reply


  7. Reply

    Thank you

  8. Reply

    Nice re-upload

  9. Reply

    what was @2:42 about ?

  10. Reply

    i didnt remember clearly….but i think have seen the same video on your channel

  11. Reply

    Pozdro z polski ez?

  12. Reply

    7:53 I thought he was going to fall but then I realised that he is not playing in the field.

  13. Reply

    The best

  14. Oh yes I remember Thomas threatening to stamp over his manager

    • JN
    • June 23, 2021


  15. Reply

    Thumbnail is one of my biggest fears

    • Jads
    • June 23, 2021

    I totally remember that player kicking is manager in the nuts

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