Playin Soccer: Philippe Coutinho, new FC Barcelona player

Awesome Tip: Philippe Coutinho, new FC Barcelona player

FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC have reached an agreement for the transfer of Philippe Coutinho. The player will sign a contract for the remainder of the season and five more, and will have a buyout clause of 400 million euros.

The midfielder arrives at FC Barcelona after demonstrating his class as a player with Liverpool and the Brazilian national side.

Born on 12 June, 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Phillipe Coutinho is one of the most talented midfielders in the world with the potential to get even better.

The Brazilian has shown his talent and class at the highest level with Premier League club Liverpool and with the Brazilian national side.

Coutinho began his footballing journey in his home town with Vasco de Gama. At the age of just 18 he moved to Europe to begin a new stage of his career at Serie A giants Inter Milan with whom he would go to make his Champions League debut.

After two and half seasons in Milan and six months in Barcelona with the city’s other club Espanyol, Coutinho made the move to the Premier League when he signed for Liverpool in January 2013. With the five times European Champions, the Brazilian quickly established himself as a key player at the club.

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    Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Neymar and Philippe Coutinho

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    Sweet! Another useless striker. Stop buying overpriced players and look for a better mid. Arthur Melo is a fraction of the price, younger, Brazilian, and actually plays like Xavi/Iniesta!
    Barca board stop giving me cancer.

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    Money well spent

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    Welcome blaugrana!!!

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    The best move Barca has made in 2018 it’s exciting to see what’s to come in the years with Barca!

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    Bisca Barca!!!

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    Support me guys

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    Joder! se me caen las lagrimas viendo el comienzo de este video… vivi el Futbol de cada uno de ellos en mi amado Barcelona que grandes por Dios! gracias por tanto Brasileños! y esperamos que Coutinho siga ese camino que marcaron esos monstruos del Futbol que junto a los Argentinos siempre seran los mejores Futbolistas de la Historia.

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    The best club. Visca Barça

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    Viaca Barça mago

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    O si por fin !!!+

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    Where is Paulinho in this clip? He already deserve it!!

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    Any one tell me when will he make his debut

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    Great business for us Liverpool fans .

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    Is Coutinho the best Liverpool player at Liverpool Fc I do not think so and being a big Liverpool fan , I really do not mind him going to Barcelona to be honest because we have done good business and made big bucks .
    We really do not need him now with the brilliant team we have at the moment we have but good luck Coutinho and thank you .

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    Philippe Coutinho player revealed by the best and biggest club in Brazil Vasco da Gama

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    Welcome to the best soccer team ever <3

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    Barca is always there to steel liverpool's greatest players

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    He will be missed

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