Ronald Koeman and his team have trained one more time in preparation for Sunday’s 9.00pm CET clash with Levante at Camp Nou.


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    Next game, TOMORROW vs LEVANTE at Camp Nou. Liveshow from 1h before kick off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFhYpXhr7fo

  2. Reply

    I love coutinho I am indian

  3. Reply

    Griezooo ❤️

  4. Reply

    Griezman is proffesional player right ? He is on Barcelona first lineup and he cant even score ! Get a haircut ffs and go practice how to shoot the f**cking ball !!! You take so much money i cant believe this !

  5. Reply

    This barca needs a lot of work. No chemistry at all.

  6. Reply

    Facil disparar cuando no tienes a ningun defensa enfrente. Aprendan a como romper esas lineas de defensas.

  7. Reply

    Everyone’s shooting now till it’s match day and they start looking for Messi to shoot .

  8. Reply

    This year is not for Messi. Hope next year he will win our hearts again.

  9. Reply

    This training paid out! Even though Barça (Messi) only scored one goal, there were lots of shots from different players.

  10. Reply

    We need to see more of passing and "movement" practice. Tiki-taka is dead in Barca. We only see glimpses of it in the final third when we want to score.

  11. Reply

    Напишу 1000 комментарий

  12. Reply

    Força Barça!!!!!!!!

  13. Reply

    best club in the world barcaelona messi Messi Messi

  14. Reply

    Practice playing in team more,, practice to learn about each other ,, don’t fucking practice to shoot alone ,, is that all u guys doing nowadays or what?? When u guys learn to play with each other,, be a shield for Messi if u cant do nothing good [email protected] is all about team and midfielder where are they??

  15. Reply

    FC entrenement

  16. Reply

    El barca is the best team at training

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