Playin Soccer: Passing and Moving Partner Soccer Drills – Advice From A Professional Footballer

Awesome Tip: Passing and Moving Partner Soccer Drills – Advice From A Professional Footballer

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  1. Clearly by far my favorite YouTube soccer channel. Coach Javi does something exceptional. He goes after the basics first before trying to teach fancy tricks. Nothing against skills but if a player can not pass the ball. Doesn’t matter what kinda fancy footwork they have.

  2. That’s what it’s all about having fun and loving it ,the rest will then come ❤️

    • G D
    • March 30, 2021

    I've been watching to find drills for my son. I'm finding that private training is expensive and they mostly just run drills like this with the kids. So why not spend quality time with your children and just run the same drills. Thanks so much for making these videos.

  3. Full tranning SESSION with coach Barake Tadesse.


  4. Where does George play professionally? Just curious

  5. Javi

  6. Great video! Some of my favorite drills to use

  7. Relax don’t bounce so much

  8. Would you discuss follow through in passing. I noticed both Javi and Georgie used it more when stationary passing and less when passing and moving.

  9. I just love you guys, the video is awesome. Inspiring, educational, Funny…

  10. Georgie

  11. Love your training sessions and will like to follow you constantly

  12. What camera do you use??

  13. Ok Jorgy always beat coach javi hahaha im sorry im your fan but he is to good to compete lol saludos hermanos

  14. e du fra norge?

  15. Great drills and well explained! Passing is very important so these variations are very useful! I just starting watching your channel javi and I’m a big fan! Keep it up and stay inspiring us!

  16. lol! Georgie all day – you can't beat that professional technique when it comes to those small details.

  17. not javi

  18. hey caoch javi im player football and i play football very match and i talnted boy so in your contry if you need players because me i have prefessionl contract with ma teame now so i wante contacte you

  19. Great video. Jorge won

  20. Mate we need another haircut vid

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