Playin Soccer: Overtime FC Remains Undefeated

Awesome Tip: Overtime FC Remains Undefeated

My thoughts on the SuperLiga will come out in the first episode of my podcast. Stay tuned!

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  1. Reply

    Starting a podcast very soon. What should I talk about?

  2. Reply

    who is that blonde girl – SHE'S SO GORGEOUS

  3. Reply

    Coach sir how to join your club sir ???

  4. Reply

    lol how the hell did u guys lose?

  5. Reply

    Topic: The realism of going pro and everything pro related

  6. Reply

    She is without earrings, she has earrings, she has not earrings, she has earrings again!

    Pretty interesting preparation to the game? 🙂

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    For one of the topics in your up coming podcast could you talk about why is it so dang expensive to play for club? And why it’s more of a pay to play system now

  8. Reply

    Topic- college recruiting

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    Wasup bro much live from Florida

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