Playin Soccer: Outside Heel Toe! | Skill Tutorial

Awesome Tip: Outside Heel Toe! | Skill Tutorial

The Ronaldo skill!


Different Heaven & Sian Area – Feel Like Horrible [NCS Release]

Phantom Sage – The Light [NCS Release]


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  1. Thx so much ur that best

  2. These vids are usefull!

  3. video quality and editing was awesome

  4. Show us the knee-panna

  5. What is that, I will improve if surrended by these dopes

  6. All attack is cool

  7. It's an outside elastico

  8. i love these intros

  9. cool

  10. thankss brooi

  11. the ball still goes straight in the second touch

  12. Best trainer

  13. how to do an rabona

  14. A video on knuckleball please

  15. are you working on other skills videos.I am waiting for it

  16. nice tips bro

  17. dude I love your videos they are really informative I just want you to make a video on how to have that confidence to do a skill or confidence to help the player cross a defender

  18. this is amazing !

    • Mike
    • February 8, 2021

    Damn, those are some HAIRY legs

  19. its nice

  20. How to do neymar rocket

  21. wow, it's been a year and a half since they uploaded a video

  22. They need to cut that grass

  23. Bro love your editing keep up the good work

  24. Can I mix this skill with elastical?

  25. woww!! your videos very amazing.. I hope one day i will become one of the best football player in the world and tell world that i learn it from your.. (y) veryy good bros

  26. Great info but your intros are so cringey

  27. bestest guys ever

  28. lol i have been watching this channel before they even hit 1k now they are at 100k

  29. I love this channel so much! Every time I watch another one of your videos, I wait for the intro because it's so much fun to watch. Keep up the good work!

  30. Where do you get your shoes at. Online or in stores because I have no shoes like that and I feel like I'd only mess up my shoes I have now that I use

  31. I have tryouts for soccer in 3 days and I barly know the basics . I don't have anyone to practice with. have any tips?

  32. what I am watching

  33. You describe the skill so effectively that I'm on my way to become a better quicker player Thanks AllAttack

  34. Can you teach rabonna???

  35. Can you do scoop roulette?

  36. Amazing !

  37. plz make a video on step by step practicing skills to be a pro

  38. Allattack plz can you tell who is the new guy i hope u reply!!!

  39. If u sub to me and I'll sub to u back

  40. keep doing videos

  41. allattack do a how to do a rabona tutorial

  42. can u give tutorial on crossover ?????

  43. 感覺蠻實用的

  44. hello bro all attack are u playing in clup

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