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Awesome Tip: 'Ousmane' | Concrete Football

“Ousmane”, a Concrete Football mini-série

Three seasons on elite leagues. That’s not a lot in a football player’s career but not if you know Ousmane’s lightning rise. Since 2015, things seem to go so fast in the phenomenom’s life. As fast as the way he runs on the pitch. Yeah, that fast. From his Renne’s debuts in Ligue 1 to his Barcelone’s dream but let’s not forget his tumultuous pit stop at Borussia Dortmund.

Where he comes from, time is a luxury you can’t afford so Dembouz has to grew up faster than the other kids. The boy is only 21 and he’s endorsing the role model status for all the kids from his neighborough La Madeleine in Evreux. Little boys thrilled at every brisk inside hook he makes, the ones he practiced day and night in the streets. Through the bright eyes of those who support him and those who take him as an example, here is the story of a person who never doubted. The story of a golden boy who made a promise to himself to play alongside players he once watched on TV.
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  1. Reply

    Moi ausi un jour inchAllah

  2. Reply

    Dembouz i hope you come back from injury soon you can help Barca this should be Demebele’s chance to shine

  3. Reply

    Meilleur que Mbappe

  4. Reply

    champion du monde on est les meilleurs on a fait du gras a la coupe du monde

  5. Reply

    En Español los subtitulos porfavor

  6. Reply

    Dembouz c'est t'as saison!

  7. Reply

    شكرا لك ديمبيلي

  8. Reply

    Dembele the future of Barcelona

  9. Ai l Dreux m arie suivre cet internaute de 9ème

  10. Reply

    Awesome video ousmane one of the best please do one on Messi

  11. Reply

    Ousmane Dembele can be an incredible player for Barca. They just have to give him time he is only 20 yrs old for God’s sake. He is worth it. He has to learn their system. I hope to God they don’t sell him. I know he will show everyone what he can do this season.

  12. Reply

    Mr6 pour le vidéo ce très coul

    • MC
    • February 22, 2021

    Merci Barca

  13. Reply

    Anyone thinking we are going to sell ousmane is a fool. He is the future of the club they haven’t made something like this about anyone so they’re making it about him to show he is not leaving

    • M
    • February 22, 2021

    Mein Son ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Reply

    ha ido de expectador porque no jugado ni 10 minutos

  15. Reply

    He said thats bs cause cr7 is better than messi, im done and its on barcas channel lol

  16. Reply

    Ousmane dembele

  17. Reply

    average player he should cost no more than 10 millions

  18. Reply

    Please Barcelona don't give up on him, he has a bright future ahead just wait and he will produce.

  19. Reply

    he looks like frozone

  20. Reply
  21. Reply

    Is dembélé muslim

  22. Reply

    Dembele ❤️

  23. Reply

    Dislike por no estar ni los subs en catalán jajaj

  24. Reply

    I've never enjoyed a video as much as this video thank you Barcelona

  25. Reply

    Me gustaria enterarme y tal, futbol club amiens parece esto xd

  26. Reply

    Tenim un nom el sap tuthom PSG PSG PSG
    Hala Paris

  27. Reply

    thank you for inspiring me with this video!!!

    • Aa Me
    • February 22, 2021

    there is fake phone and there is fake dembele

  28. Reply

    Sad Mbappe isn’t letting him start for France such a talented squad

  29. Reply

    Porque siguen haciendo las cosas tan mal? Arthur? :/ Porfavor traigan a milinkovic-savic,de ligt, sarr, Gaya, fekir, traen pura mierda, dirigencia de porquería, traigan calidad, desperdician a Messi apestan!!!

  30. Reply

    8:43 "Ronaldo is better than messi" LOL what a joke

  31. Reply

    11:41 best part his friends start roasting him on his ashy legs Im crying

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