Playin Soccer: Opening Up My YouTube Play Button – 100,000 Subscribers

Awesome Tip: Opening Up My YouTube Play Button – 100,000 Subscribers

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  1. Reply

    You guys are the real MVPs. Road to one million here we come!

  2. Reply

    First off congratulations Coach Javi!!! I was here when you were at 3k subscribers and I genuinely predicted you would be where you are now with such quality content! Keep grinding and continue to produce such quality videos with your high knowledge in football. All the best!

  3. Reply

    Congrats! Keep em coming. Hopefully another Chicago camp in the future too.

  4. Reply

    Truly inspirational! You’re amazing Javi!

  5. Reply

    Was wondering if you could do a video of how to edit a video. Especially for your individual sessions.

  6. Reply

    Muy bien Javi, saludos a mi hermana, qué linda es.

  7. Reply

    Javi,soy argentino y tengo 19 años,vine a un college en iowa en el que me prometieron muchas cosas que no cumplieron. A pesar de eso extraño mucho mi casa y no se que hacer. Deberia aguantar aunque la pase muy mal o volver a casa y empezar por otro lado para estudiar en una mejor universidad en USA?

  8. Reply

    ENHORABUENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your parents btw!!!! 🙂

  9. Reply

    Congrats sir looking forward to more.

  10. Reply

    Congrats brother !!!!

  11. Reply

    WooHoo!! CONGRATULATIONS!! You deserve even more followers. Loved seeing Madre, Chanfle, and Boozer! Keep sending exceptional vlogs!!

  12. Reply

    R u gonna watch the NPSL Final I’m gonna play in it on Saturday !

  13. Reply

    But congrats you deserve it ❤️

  14. Reply

    Congrats on 100,000 that’s a lot of us… you have helped me a lot and I appreciate you even more

  15. Reply

    Congrats coach

  16. Reply

    Conchas de vainilla

    I get all my bread from that bakery because I live across the street from it. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to that small grocery store that’s there to have some tacos but that’s where my dad works.

    I’ll be here for 200k, 300k, 400k and hopefully for much more!

  17. Reply

    Hey man congrats! Been following for a year you inspired me to coach my kids team man ….best wishes in future projects

  18. Reply

    Congrats! Your videos inspire me. I wish I could dedicate my life to soccer like you.

  19. Reply

    Mate, do you still have some merch?

  20. Reply

    Congratulations and well deserved! But I think this is only the beginning…

  21. Reply

    Saludos de wheeling Illinois javi y saludos a el chanfle y chanfla y gracias por los tips

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