Playin Soccer: ONE SKILL for EVERY Position on the Field

Awesome Tip: ONE SKILL for EVERY Position on the Field


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Goalkeeper
1:30 Fullback
2:42 Center Back
3:53 Defensive Midfield
4:45 Attacking Midfield
5:38 Winger
6:36 Striker


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  1. Reply

    What position do you play?

  2. Reply

    you are very good

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    be a coach

  4. Reply

    Left winger

  5. Reply

    5:02 im matched up against the captain of the team, he stares intensely at the ball and i decided i would do what i saw in the video, not only did he see my pass coming but he also megged me

  6. Reply

    All in Milner

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    Cool video

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    Even during my maths exam I feel this video is more important

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    Striker skills are best

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    6:38 neymar goal vs japan, Fred make this

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    I play as a striker

  13. Reply

    Right winger

  14. Reply

    I play can play every position except goalie :d

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    How should we train in a day

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    I play anywhere the coach has placed (outfield position) , and I'm grateful if I make it to the starting eleven then I repay the favour.

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    4:20 means cdm??

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    I am mid fielder

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    Subscribe our channel

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    I play LB

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    Thanks ❤

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    Make a think fast video please and I’ll subscribe to the channel.

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    Bro can you sponser me a football plzzzz A big fan frm india kerala

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    show us a to shoot a knuckleball please

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    Roll across is very useful

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    Do more of these

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    All Attack please teach Arsenal how to play so that they can enter Champions League again
    Note: I'm Barcelona fan

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    Please am a player from Ghana and am begging you to give me a video of how to tackle

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    When u realize football is more important than school

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