Playin Soccer: NO WAY!

Awesome Tip: NO WAY!



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    Let's get Rome to one bagillion subscribers! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpj2AAXRsH-V8-EkqyBU4EQ

  2. Reply

    Lol that operation is whack. Didn't the original have openings that were shaped like the piece but a little bigger?

  3. Reply

    ozarks !

  4. Reply


  5. Reply

    watch The Walking Dead

  6. Reply

    Watch club de cuervos on Netflix

  7. Reply

    Once upon a time

  8. Reply

    Watch the hunting of the hill house, and the body guard!!

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  10. Reply

    Narcos Mexico or The Resident!!! Both are good

  11. Reply

    Gran hotel and I don't even speak Spanish it so good

  12. Reply

    Club de Cuervos

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    should of used your opposite hand to play the game… try it again next time lol

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    Watch Icarus.

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    Coach Javi check out Stranger Things and The Office on Netflix.
    Btw, emailed your Ubersoccer peeps to see when they're getting more ball bags in; never heard back from them. Just thought you should know- happy holidays!

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    You should watch the office it’s so funny

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    Breaking bad, shameless, on my block,13 reason why, and stranger things

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    You gotta watch Gotham

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    Good stuffs! If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, I recommend it. You definitely need to upgrade your board games. Recommend Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Smart Ass, Pictionary, etc… The mail thing could be risky…lol CONGRATS to Rome!! Tell him to understand (and never forget) the word Appreciation and the phrase Validation of Feelings. Would have saved me a ton of heartache and apologies. I’ll be subscribing to his GKA channel, if not already. Love all that you do on this channel. Keep sending em!

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    The Ozark on Netflix

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    Club de Cuervos is the way to go!

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    U should watch money heist and it's in Spanish

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    Money Heist.Great show

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    Yo lortiea is my favorite game I play it all the time at a Mexican party

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    You should watch parks and recreations, it’s really funny

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    Breaking bad

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    Dont worry javi the game is better after a couple drinks lol

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    Sparking white grape juice is champagne for kids. 🙂

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    Keep up the good vid

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    This is Christian

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    Hey coach javi

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    一first viewer

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    Cool Video

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