Playin Soccer: NO MORE SECRETS! Where Do I Coach And Why Do I Settle For Sunday League?

Awesome Tip: NO MORE SECRETS! Where Do I Coach And Why Do I Settle For Sunday League?

Thanks for following the journey with me this far, but we are only getting started! Post your questions for a Q&A below!
Also, congratulations to Jaspreet and Divraj on winning the giveaway! Very creative video guys!

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    Hey guys! I'm officially back at work! Comment down below any and all questions you have for the Q&A. Also, please share the channel with friends and family. Let's get to 20k as soon as we can! Thanks again for everything. I am really working hard to bring you guys quality content!

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    I absolutely love the videos ….but I don’t think it was that much of a secret not for me anyway as all I had to do was google Grreene Harbison Stadium..like it says on that little house unit beside the pitch that has been in lots of previous videos ..not that it matters because I live in Ireland so can’t come to see the college anyway haha

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    scout me Javi

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    What is the highest level of play you have ever played at?

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    can you make collage of your highlites as a soccer player

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    Sunday league….good or bad idea for young 14 -17 players?

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    Javi tienes conneciones para jugar a nivel profesional horita estoy jugando para las reservas de un equipo de la NPSL pero quiero llegar tan siquiera a jugar en la USL IM BORN AND RAISED HERE IN USA I'm a LEFT WINGER and can play as Center Attacking Midfielder

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    Can you summarize your career for us from high school on up? And saludos from goldsboro nc love your videos man!

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    Hey couch javi l been watching your videos and l like them a Lot and l juts want to ask u for a advice on how to prepare if u want to become a pro.

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    Hey man if dcfc makes it to the mls would u coach them

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    Coach Javi, Chivas o América? lol

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    one question if its a 12 hour drive is that your daily commute or do you have a place up there when the season starts

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    Can I get recruited to play lol

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    Hey Javi, I see you played for Detroit FC. I was randomly scrolling through YouTube and found your videos I think I've seen you play in Waukegan as well. I'm a player from the Milwaukee Torrent in the NPSL and I used to play in the Sunday league in Waukegan. Pretty cool we have some things in common

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    Nice jersey coach Javi.

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    Thought about getting into coaching as a career since soccer is my passion. Been doing some research and seems most colleges are looking for a masters degree. Is that something that you have and what are your thoughts on that?

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    how did you get the job at webbner? and would you ever let someone learn about your philosophy in soccer ?

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    Recruit me, you won't regret it!

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    Can you drop the whole video of you playing ?

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    What do you look doing goalies? I play for s not so great high school team but I try to improve in my own work as much as possible. I just would like to know what kind of things I should focus on in order to still get time from a college scout

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    What was the highest level of compete ever soccer you've ever played?

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    As someone who cares about my health and the health of others, I'm not a fan that you are promoting Monster

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    If i was to tell you to come down to Georgia and watch me play and prove to you that i was capable of playing at the college level, would i have an opportunity to tryout and possibly get a scholarship?

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    Are you down to do a collab with Matt Sheldon (Become Elite)? 😮

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    Would you ever do training sessions with subscribers?

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    2 things – 1) You played for Detroit? That's dope dude! I love what they are doing in the NPSL, making waves! 2) Was that Charlotte Eagles your friend was playing for? I played for their affiliate, Chicago Eagles back when I was in college.

    • TALA
    • February 6, 2021

    How to you become a soccer coach and where do you go to get your license?

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    If I wanted to become pro what do i have to do to become that's any tips on how I can get my way there with your help ?

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    That's a beautiful road you drove by ❤️.

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    Can you please make a video on how to be more involved in the game.. I'm a forward and I don't really touch the ball as much as I think I should

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    What caused you to retire from professional, usually people that make it in professional teams strive for more but not sure what caused you to retire and "go down", age ? Fire died? Or like you said you realized playing soccer wasn't your thing but coaching was, seems like a big sacrifice but to each their own, enjoy your vids fam!

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    How did you get a coaching job? How do I start that? Did any pro teams try to sign you?

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    Best way to make it as a college coach if haven't been pro?

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    How much of a chance do Players who start off playing in a community college have to go pro?

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    Could you have went to the MLS?

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    I think it's crazy that I've been watching you for a while now, and I've been a DCFC supporter for a long time also.DCTID. I never knew you played for my hometown team.

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    How much do you make ?

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    What's up coach Javi it's bearly my first month as a subscriber but I like your videos and I wanted to ask how hard it was to become a coach for a university as I myself have a passion for coaching too

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    Be my agent you wont regret it. I play striker

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    What was the highest level of league you played in ?

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    Do you plan on couching at a higher level if you get offered anything ?

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    Was you play professional before?

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    What football boots do you wear?

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    Coach javi make a video with highlights from your competitive games

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