Playin Soccer: Nine Barça internationals return to training

Awesome Tip: Nine Barça internationals return to training

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  1. Reply

    This video old asf

  2. Reply

    Vamos messi barcelona copa del rey champion winner

  3. Reply

    Bacelone vs espagnol bacelone

  4. Reply

    Good to see him without beard

  5. Reply

    بالتوفيق انشاء الله برشلونة الفوز

  6. Reply

    No beard.
    Messi’s gonna win the ballon D’or this year.

  7. Reply

    hit like messi and suarez fan

  8. Reply

    Messi looks nothing like a GOAT now that he shaved.

  9. Reply

    Messsi return

  10. Reply

    Waw cukur jenggot

  11. Reply

    Wasnt pessi injured? Looks like he faked it to leave argentina

  12. Reply

    Miracle ! Messi n’a plus mal au pubis ! fuck you messi

  13. Reply

    Why the beginning music sounds like those of Clash of Clans to me?anyone same?

  14. Reply

    Jajaja ese messi con argentina es un chiste no el que estaba enfermo y no pudo jugar contra marueco ahora llego al barcelona y esta sano mas encima la AFa publico estaba con dolor que falta de respeto y ni messi ni la Afa no son honesto

  15. Reply

    Yep Messi back to work at Barca because he can't do anything at Argentina

  16. Reply

    Like aki magyar!!

  17. Reply

    Injury ?loser just faked it to go back to barca.disgraceful

  18. Reply

    He looks happy in Barca than those Argentine players in the makings

  19. Reply

    I love you FC Barcelona

  20. Reply

    Messi face

  21. Reply

    I see him getting another hat trick

  22. Reply

    Força Barça nós vamos vencer

    • All S
    • February 19, 2021


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