Playin Soccer: Mystery Box: Jasper Cillessen

Awesome Tip: Mystery Box: Jasper Cillessen

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  1. Reply

    So sad such a great goalkeeper doesnt play that much

  2. Reply

    1:36 that laugh is the best

  3. Reply

    He can speak English better than Harry Kane

  4. Reply

    Hoeveel Nederlanders kunnen dit liken

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    Why isn’t this club renamed and called FC Messi??

  7. Reply

    His laugh is so beautifull and happy❤️

  8. Reply

    Jasper is a very good keeper

  9. Reply

    Goed gedaan Jasper

  10. Reply

    Ask him about the transfer of Frenkie de Jong, I personally would love to know what Jasper thinks of him 🙂

  11. Reply

    The future bright for him

  12. Reply

    Oohhhh the only football player who can in English

  13. Reply

    I have yet to see a Dutch person who doesn't speak english really well.

  14. Reply

    I love this person

  15. Cillenssen word gemist in Amsterdam
    Super joden ❌❌❌ Amsterdam

  16. Reply

    حياتي سلسين

    • Aphz
    • February 23, 2021

    cillessen best gk!

    • Aphz
    • February 23, 2021

    cillessen needs more time more games

  17. Reply

    Now barça have two of the most craziest goalkeepers at the moment 😀

  18. Reply

    He was the best in FCB vs sevilla

  19. Reply

    Great GK! Messi – GOAT

  20. Reply

    I personally believe Cillessen should go to another club to keep in every match. He's too good to just keep a couple of matches in the season

  21. Reply

    Goed jasper

  22. Reply

    you goddamn hero

  23. Reply

    His english is better then harry kane’s

  24. Reply

    Kom terug naar ajax

  25. Reply

    good job

  26. Reply

    Please Barcelona, please keep him. Give him whatever money he demands, he deserves every penny of it. But please don't let him leave us.

  27. Reply

    Добрый пацан

  28. Reply

    Jasper wants to play more if he doesnt get more playtime he will leave……mark my words

  29. Reply

    The most underated goalkeeper of the world

  30. Reply

    Don't let him go out of our Club, Barça managers. Give more playing time to him at La Liga too.

  31. Reply

    Great persone great GK

  32. Reply

    Jogando mucho

  33. Reply


  34. Reply

    he doesn’t like cheese
    He DoEsN’t LiKe ChEeSe
    wow, first person i’ve met… ok then

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