Playin Soccer: My Worst Sunday League Match Ever!

Awesome Tip: My Worst Sunday League Match Ever!

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  1. Reply

    Chanfle is the goat

  2. Reply

    Arsenal would never beat real

  3. Reply


  4. Reply

    Chanfle es un lokio

  5. Reply

    Ay guey vienimos vasio

  6. Reply

    hey its cristian eders son

    • Sg C
    • February 16, 2021

    You got hella high standards for yourself you did ight

  7. Reply

    Your videos aren't coming up on my feed! Haven't seen any in weeks. I had to look you up again

  8. Reply

    Bro did you really say “arsenal prime can beat Real Madrid”??? Arsenal got beat by Barcelona in 2006, I’m a true gunner fan but bro arsenal has never had that team to really compete in Europe. The only team that can really beat Real Madrid is Barcelona bro. Unfortunately we haven’t seen a Madrid vs Barca final but hopefully soon we will.

  9. Reply

    What car is that?

  10. Reply

    sorry coach but i had to stop watching after you said you’re a madrid fan… i’m hurt

  11. Reply

    Ay coach javi but thanks for the tips keep it up and don't get SS yet we need coach javi for mucho tiempo

  12. Reply

    Hala Madrid!

  13. Reply

    So, in true Mexican fashion my team only has 2 practices before our game and we took a huge L. 10 – 0

  14. Reply

    anyone else hear chanfle breathing hard af after the game?

  15. Reply

    I love the fact you’re staying so near by hope I come across with you one day ❗️

  16. Reply

    Damn boozer drives a transformer!!!

  17. Reply

    Boozers got that cash my guy!!

  18. Reply

    English football is so much more physical, Sunday league always has like 2-3 red cards

  19. Reply

    Amazing vlog coach

  20. Reply

    My boy arsenal is that team that are defeated before they even touch the field. I like your vids bro when are you coaching again?

  21. Reply

    Real Madrid fan… lost a fan

  22. Reply

    Tough break on the Sunday league game, your right about the choices leading up to the game effecting your performance. But really you think Bale had a better champions league final goal that his coach. Amazing plays by both but R. Carlos to Z. Zidane was two all time greats. Marcelo is a great in his own right but great goals by both.

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    Your dad is Hilarious

  25. Reply

    fuck madrid

  26. Reply

    Good to hear, I’m a Gooner and Madridista as well! I knew I followed you for a reason!

  27. Reply

    Taking responsibility for your own actions is always a great life lesson! Boozer was doin it. El Chanfle is hilarious! Love that guy! Yes! I love Real Madrid. I predicted 3-0. Not mad about the outcome. Wish Salah could have played the full 90. Keep em comin!

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    what college u going to next

  29. Reply

    I still find it crazy how you only like 45 mins from where I live

  30. Reply

    Waukegan sports complex is Wack

  31. Reply

    Karius Screwed us…

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