Playin Soccer: My One Requirement When I Signed For An Amateur Club

Awesome Tip: My One Requirement When I Signed For An Amateur Club

Shoutout to Sporting Detroit SC for bringing me on!

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    Those forwards need to commit to the ball. Trash forwards

  2. Reply

    Well we know Georgie isn't coming out with Champions grind goalie gloves anytime soon lol! Loved the vid man!

  3. Reply

    Boo i want to see you play forward or striker

    • Zaxpo
    • February 22, 2021

    Do u know a guy named Ahmad

  4. Reply

    coach do a vid about day in the life bro

  5. Reply

    Coach Javi controlando la media!!!!!

  6. Reply

    You gotta learn to take your space buddy

  7. Reply

    Solo entendí el adiós muchachos jajaj

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    Is that coach Javi? It! Is! I thought you ghosted us mate.

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    Hey Coach Javi, When you record on the balcony turn the other direction. Let us see the city! Instead of you staring at the view and we see the apartment walls.

  10. Reply

    Same javi but I love playing 6 or 8 coach

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    Suggestion, with all do respect although you play a good center mid, can you please show the full game highlights and not just your highlights

  12. Reply

    You back up what you say. Well done keep it up

  13. Reply

    Still pretty informative material
    Do you have any suggestions or tips when going into pre season for a new team

    • ACA06
    • February 22, 2021

    Fan for argentina!!!

  14. Reply

    I like your vids
    You are a great player and a great coach

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