Playin Soccer: My New Studio (and house) Tour!

Awesome Tip: My New Studio (and house) Tour!

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  1. Get ready for some new and more consistent videos! What do you guys think about the podcast idea and what topics should I focus on for the next video?

  2. Hola javi.espero no t molestes le pregunte a eder a x ti y me dijo k lla
    Abias comprado casa.
    Meda mucho gusto por ti
    K estes logrando lo k quieres
    Esta muy bonita tu casa t mando saludos y cuidate bye.

  3. 1) Congrats on the house!!!!! 2) I'm about to go use the JAVI10 code right now 3) The only thing missing is one of your DCFC jerseys framed on the wall.

  4. You should put some led light and a Alexa

  5. Congrats man! I've enjoyed seeing you grow!

  6. Looks nice, well deserved!

  7. Coach Javi I love your videos, I am a Brazilian on the process to go to college, if you could give me a chance to show you my profile would be amazing seriously. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my new highlight video, and my email will be there. But still, at some point I am going to send my info on your email hahahaha. Which college are you working in now ? I couldn’t find your email at Webber website…

  8. Just kidding it looks great

  9. Change everything

  10. Good to see coach javi doing good

  11. Would love some more youth vids. Give out part of your philosophy on motivating the kids and other essential stuff or ideas.

  12. That's awesome studio

  13. You should make a video on how to fix Arsenal haha!

  14. Looks great. Comfy house.

  15. Goalkeeper training sessions? ?

  16. Great house, mate! Love the studio! Everything looks great! Question about Champion Grind. Is it just clothing products, or does he create content like you? Looking forward to a spike in Coach Javi vids in 2020!

  17. I’m gonna visit you lol

  18. Congrats Coach!!….Looking forward to the podcast episodes

  19. Chanfle

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