Playin Soccer: My Favorite Boots of All Time

Awesome Tip: My Favorite Boots of All Time

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    Alright. Here we go with the discussions. Comment below your favorite boots of all time and why!

  2. Reply

    For me it's the laser 3s. So still t90 lasers but the 3rd model

  3. Reply

    I was like 8 I think when I had the T90’s

  4. Reply

    Any thoughts why Javi not responding?

  5. Reply

    Ask your boy where he got those floating shelves

  6. Reply

    Those T90 were the best shoes ever made I think also .

  7. Reply

    Favorite boot would have to be the predator powerswerve for me. Just so comfy. I never understood having lighter shoes and giving up comfort. Also loved the way they looked. Had a bunch of the different colorways including the david beckham gold boots

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    Make another video about hall day with go pro cam

  9. Reply

    Like the vids

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