Playin Soccer: MOVE OF THE WEEK #8 | Sergio Busquets's creative clearance

Awesome Tip: MOVE OF THE WEEK #8 | Sergio Busquets's creative clearance

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  1. Reply

    Good video.

  2. Reply

    tomorrow I have a birthday if Barcelona win this awakening gift

  3. Reply

    Messi the best

  4. Reply

    Busquest calm on football

  5. Reply

    Can u stop Andre Gomes, Vidal y Paco out from Barca ??

  6. Reply

    Fck Gomes

  7. Reply

    When am watching him playing i always smiling

  8. Reply

    El mejor 5 del mundo best cdm in the world.

  9. Reply

    Busquets is a genius

  10. Reply

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    Busi Busi Buusiiii!!!

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    Without Busquets, Vermaelen AND YES Andre Gomes, Barca is very weak in the defensive department. Biggest mistake would be to sell Gomes, such a player is needed. We all have seen what happens when there are too many creative players on the pitch. So if Barca wants success they should keep him no matter what. Nothing can be won with just creative 1,65m 60kg players, mind my words. By the way, with Coutinho on the pitch i fear falling back to the state when Neymar still played, and i must say i really don't miss those times, Barca looked fragile back then.

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    cou crack

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    Can’t believe people think he’s not the best

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    We love Bushi….. a esteemed player to barca fan…we care him a lot

  16. Reply

    Roberto's career is over

  17. Reply


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    Sergio Busquets, cuanta calidad, inteligencia y frialdad, mi jugador favorito. Visca el Barça.

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