Playin Soccer: MOVE OF THE WEEK #18: Coutinho's 'slight of foot!'

Awesome Tip: MOVE OF THE WEEK #18: Coutinho's 'slight of foot!'

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  1. Reply

    El es man mina

  2. Reply

    Barca no dejes salir a mina lo lamentarán

  3. Reply


  4. Reply

    Coutinho the kinhg of samba.

  5. Reply

    Forza Barca Visca Barca

  6. Reply

    I'm iraq and I love barsalona

  7. Reply

    Aguante el barcelona

  8. Reply

    Brazillian magic❤

  9. Reply


  10. Reply

    But he loses ball much more. He should work on possession.

  11. Reply

    This guys are awesome

  12. Reply

    I love Messi

    • Mango
    • February 16, 2021

    Barcelona has a curse they always loose in the quarter finals in the champions league

  13. Reply

    liverpool 5-2 Roma HA HA HA

  14. Reply

    waiting for next season, with coutinho available for ucl

  15. Reply

    Forca barca

  16. Reply

    Me gustaría ver jugar más a Denis Suárez #visçabarça

  17. Reply

    por fa vor que neymar regrese

  18. Reply

    #valverde out

  19. Reply


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    Love Barça guys

  21. Reply

    Barça barça Barçaaaaaaaaa

  22. Reply

    Is the board gone???…someone pls help me know

  23. Reply

    Salah is on fire

  24. Reply

    I like messiest but coughing is the best

  25. Reply

    Paulinho a nice person but he is shit

  26. Reply

    Así se lucen las estrellas más famosas del fútbol si fueran mujeres !

  27. Reply

    Nesse momento era para o Barcelona tá jogando contra o Liverpool se tivesse eliminado a Roma, mais infelizmente meu time não passou é uma pena.

    Mais vai ter volta, dá próxima vez que dê Barcelona e Roma o Barça vai massacrar a Roma…

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