Playin Soccer: MOST LIKELY TO | Dest & Pjanic

Awesome Tip: MOST LIKELY TO | Dest & Pjanic

What Barça player is the most likely to cry watching a movie? Who is the most likely to watch TV on his smartphone? Find out who Dest and Pjanic suggest in the latest Most Likely To video.

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  1. Reply

    city began this in 2010, it required all the metallic brain full of pride and change resistant just another 10 years to adapt

  2. Reply

    Lionel Pepsi

  3. Reply

    Most Likely to get minutes

  4. Reply

    do something with messi

  5. Reply

    Keep pjanic for one more season…

  6. Reply

    I love how pjanic complained publicly about not getting game time. So they did this well done barca xD

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  10. Reply

    Barcelona is the best in the world

  11. Reply

    No entendi ni pija ,
    Lo ponen en español jaja

  12. Reply

    I wish pjanic gets to fulfill his wishes at barca same for coutiniho and greizmann

  13. Reply

    Q kk de preguntas

  14. Reply

    Pjanic said that Umtiti could be an actor, cuz he acts really well as dramatic when he gets injured

  15. Reply

    We come for the football we stay for the laughs

  16. Reply


    • Why
    • March 30, 2021

    Swap back Pjanic for Arthur! I feel bad for him

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