Playin Soccer: Most Humiliating Skill Moves!

Awesome Tip: Most Humiliating Skill Moves!

Watch the most humiliating skills & tricks in football history. Produced by Score 90.

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Score 90 is a Swedish football brand, founded by Filip Hennig in 2017. We produce some of the most entertaining content on YouTube and various other social media platforms. Feel free to contact us on [email protected]

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  1. Reply

    This video was supposed to be uploaded last week but it took AGES to find all the right clips.. Hopefully it was worth it!

  2. Reply

    the best intro i never saw

  3. Reply

    Perisìc's like

  4. Reply

    I love the light and playful editing, I really like this channel cause a lot of the other channels just blast dubstep and it's kinda annoying

  5. Reply

    They are playing with defenders rather than the ball..

  6. Reply

    The beautiful game

  7. Reply

    I guess no. 10 jersey is the most skillfull

  8. Reply

    The streets won't forget Ben Arfa

  9. Reply

    Neymar its the king of skills,messi its the king of free kick!

  10. Reply

    the music is on point my g

  11. Reply

    This should be trending #1 on football

  12. Reply

    Best video in 2021 ❤

  13. Reply

    01:38 this fits by “moves that ended players career”

  14. Reply


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