Playin Soccer: Most Humiliating Goals Ever

Awesome Tip: Most Humiliating Goals Ever

The cheekiest and most humiliating goals ever in football history. Edited by Score 90.

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  1. I can't say ane thing

  2. 6:40 ..Ozil..Amazing goal

  3. where is cantonas chip

  4. Mane's goal against watford

  5. Is this re-uploaded?

  6. Worst slide tackle in football history 8:30

  7. 7:00 i think this guy just beat eminem

  8. Wow 2 vids in 4 days yay

  9. 8:26 this is fifa?!

  10. Messi is the most humiliating soccer player.

  11. The thumbnail changed

  12. it's looklike fifa 21 freestyle xD

  13. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. You're doing Great Work Brother❤️❤️

  15. Frankly, you deserve at least 10 million subscribers

  16. Imagine if these goals were missed!

  17. Hi bro pls give hi

  18. fantastic work!

  19. where is berbetov skill

  20. Claim your early tickets here

  21. I like the beat

  22. Music ? Pls

  23. 7:00….idk he's a rapper

  24. 1:54 I’m no professional keeper or athlete or anything but isn’t it quite obvious that salah was gonna fake shot and cut in? Or is it just me? Lol

  25. What is the intro music?

  26. 6:58 is the cleanest finish in this video

  27. 8:27 : when you play fifa in easy mode

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