Playin Soccer: Mistakes ALL Midfielders Make | ThinkFast!

Awesome Tip: Mistakes ALL Midfielders Make | ThinkFast!

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  2. Reply

    Such an important lesson here. What to do when you don't have the ball !? Move into space, don't stand behind defenders.

    • Fut
    • February 4, 2021

    I think i am good i didnt have any wrongs at think fast yet

  3. Reply

    Basically don’t be matic

  4. Reply

    Thank you

  5. Reply

    plizzzzzz….. make more like this

  6. Reply

    I always tell my frinds: don't stand still, move into open spaces, they think iam crazy

  7. Reply

    Felt like if mouriniho was coaching matic

  8. Burda gençsin abi I am turkey

  9. Reply

    Matic really is bad about going in to open space..it’s like he hides from the pass

  10. Reply

    Next I want to see how to practice both foot easily ❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Reply

    That's why Barcelona is Barcelona…

  12. Reply

    good video

  13. Reply

    its not dani alves bro its sergi roberto

  14. Reply

    1:36 He had his left-back available for a quick 1-2 also. Play and move into space then the player marking Hazard would have to go to the left-back, quick 1-2 then Hazard is open.

  15. Reply

    could u do one on strikers and wingers

  16. Reply

    There was nothing special from Iniesta… if that guy next to him had followed him, things would have gone differently!
    This shows that sometimes players gets space cause opposition players don't track back to defend

  17. Reply

    Fabregas made a mistake on the first move… there were other options

  18. Reply

    Stupid Matic

  19. Reply

    So basically matic doesn’t move at all 🙂

  20. Reply

    so what did you learn ? remove matic

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