Playin Soccer: Messi's 19 best goals with the number 19 shirt

Awesome Tip: Messi's 19 best goals with the number 19 shirt

We kick off 2019 with a look back at Messi’s early days in the first team

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    As a kid i used to hate Messi, but as I grew up my respect for Messi grew also. Now Im a big fan of him. FOR THE GOAT.

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    Messi19 was a different gravy

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    if mbappe and haaland are gonna be the next goats will they be able to make goals like messi or jump high like ronaldo?

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    Just got the number 19 that’s why I’m here ( yes I know Messi wore this number

  6. Reply

    10 goals with number 10 shirt would be too hard he has too many great goals that 10 is nothing

  7. Reply

    Messi was better with long hair.
    I mean when he was young

  8. Reply

    it was then and not now

  9. Reply

    1:28 ankara time

  10. Reply

    Goal Vs Getafe?

  11. Reply

    Messi is impossible…

  12. Le dieron la oportunidad y se lo an cargado gracias Barça .merci Messi por ser tan grande espero que en el club. Que vayas te traten bien .pues el Barça lo a descuidado

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    Who watch it when Messi want to leave Barça

  14. Reply

    End of an era
    Viva la barca
    Bartomeou out

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    Young messi danger , destroyed defender legend

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    Ronaldooooooooooollllnooo siii

  18. Reply

    The greatest footballer to bless the beautiful game. Breathtaking composure

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    L.Messi + Long hair + 19 number = a iconic legend !

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    Messi is new religion

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    Young messi is better than mbappe 😉

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  24. Reply

    Origi 27

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