Playin Soccer: Messi warming up ahead of Barça-Alavés

Awesome Tip: Messi warming up ahead of Barça-Alavés

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  1. Reply

    When is match what oclock

  2. Reply

    better than the best

  3. Reply

    1 like from them who agree that messi is the best footballer on earth!

  4. Reply

    messi is the best

  5. Reply

    Messi makes every Goalkeeper a ball boy.

  6. Reply


    • a s
    • February 23, 2021


  7. Reply

    Leo messi is the best player ever

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  9. Reply

    Messi the best player in the world

  10. Reply

    Guys do you know omar abdurahman? He's skill like ronaldinho

    • ISkO
    • February 23, 2021

    Есть русские?

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  12. Barcelona best of the world

  13. Reply


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    like if FC Barcelona best team in the world

  15. Reply

    Why is suarez performing so bad?

  16. Reply

    Wonderful Leo my king

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    Like para que aparezca el pistolero suarez

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    nos Camp Nou en FIFA 19 con ganas !!!

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    1like messi

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    look at him smiling and all excited, he gives me energy to to things

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    0:04 los hinchas argentinos deberían preguntarse si no habrá alguna razón en su conducta para que Messi aquí salga sonriendo y con la selección sufra. ¿No será que tratan a los que pierden de fracasados/pechosfríos, etc? Además pretenden que si pierden "pongan huevos" y empiecen a tirar patadas o terminen los partidos como tantas veces han terminado los equipos argentinos en Libertadores: a las piñas. Digo no más…

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    São Paulo e foda! Segue o líder

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    And he made it in the game … Greatness

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    I wonder how will it effect Messi next season when probably Suarez would be benched more.

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    Leo Messi isn't even in Top 3 for the Best player of the year..
    What a JOKE…
    This shows how much they HATES Him..!!

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    Why is the attendance at the Camp Nou so low!!!???

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    Xavi come n save barca already….why does it have to take u so long? Come outta woods n make us play btiful football again!

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    stop christiano you kown you ant going to be better than messi

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    ¿A quien le estaba haciendo los tiros Messi?

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    Visca Barsa visca catalunya

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  34. best in the world

    • Rida
    • February 23, 2021

    Pásate por mi canal por favor quizá te guste gracias.

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    Valverde please bench Suarez next game,
    play coutinho Messi Dembele
    Arthur Buesqute Rakitic
    Alba Umtiti Pique semedo/roberto
    this should be our best squad this season,
    Suarez is done, really

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