Playin Soccer: Messi, UEFA Best Player in Europe 2014/15

Awesome Tip: Messi, UEFA Best Player in Europe 2014/15

The Argentina beat Luis Suárez and Cristiano Ronaldo to the award —- FC Barcelona on Social Media Subscribe to our official channel …


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  1. Reply

    I got 175 videos from you Lionel Messi

  2. Reply

    Poor Suarez. His face was so sad

  3. Reply

    "is it going to end?"

    oh yes it most definitely has ended. they guy standing behind him ended it.

  4. Reply

    Why? only fifa knows

  5. Reply

    messi suck so bad

  6. Reply

    Watch Penaldo face

  7. Reply

    Amazing Messi

  8. Reply

    no cr7 is muy melhor

  9. Reply

    that is true

  10. Reply

    What is the name of the presenter?

  11. Reply

    ronaldo is not happy

  12. Reply

    UEFA – bunch of corrupted old hipocrytes, little dictatorship, worse than Iraq. Same FIFA

  13. Reply

    It is more like Platini's favorite player.

  14. Reply

    alah ronaldo goblok

  15. Reply

    messi is taking away the treble for personal awards

  16. Reply

    I mean this one was a no brainer. I watched almost all the barcelona games and every game messi did something that amazed me! Hes the best, even in international play, he did so many great plays but owell he will get a trophy sooner or later

  17. Reply

    messi ronaldoyu yener

  18. Reply

    vamos leo arg,jaja la cara de cristiano ronaldo

  19. Reply


  20. Reply

    Eli cebinde ne arıyor lan bu piçin

  21. Reply

    Ok I'm a diehard messi fan but I still give props to Ronaldo. Just watching this vid made me feel bad for him LOL

  22. Reply

    This woman is not good very good at interprenting but shes kind off attractive lol

  23. Reply

    0:42 Wow Suarez, I bet you're planning your next target

  24. Reply

    Level 1 : Messi , Pele , Maradona , level 2 : Di Stefano , Ronaldinho , Cruyff , level 3 : Platini , Ronaldo Nazario , Zidane.

  25. Reply

    Could Ronaldo for once try not to make it obvious that he's mad and jealous lol

  26. Messi is so short next to Peter Schmeichel

  27. Reply

    ballon d'o is the next

  28. Reply

    What's the woman's name. I think she is french.

  29. Reply

    best player!!

  30. Reply

    0:55 puyol!

  31. Reply

    Look at Ronaldo's face,,,so,,,,,,,,dispointed

  32. Reply

    I've got a question? Who are the man and the woman in 0:55?

  33. Reply

    Puyol's wife… She's got courage….

  34. Reply

    Ronaldo Face At 0:20 In the top right of the video….

  35. Reply

    ronaldo y su mejor cara de orto!

  36. Reply

    hahaha penaldo is crying!

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