Playin Soccer: Messi, Suárez and Piqué among those in training during international break

Awesome Tip: Messi, Suárez and Piqué among those in training during international break

Several big names worked out with the squad at the Ciutat Esportiva while others were away with their national teams.
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  1. I couldn't focus because of Pique. Why he's so tall though

  2. I really wish I could train with this club… to see how I train "Me Today Part 19"

  3. Hola barsa buen dia que bueno estar hay en la masia mirame yo tengo talento segime en instagran asi juanjoserodriguezmeneses ayudame messi

  4. Piqué really needs to stop wearing speedos to practice.

  5. Cut the fucking music out

  6. Boa messi Duarte e pique pegando mais condição física pra voltar voando dia 19 /10 /2019

  7. Maybe no music for the training videos I like to hear the live training sessions , music could be off putting.

  8. Pique and his booty shorts strike again.

  9. song?

  10. Please Please tell me the name of the first song!

  11. anyone know the music used in the video?

  12. Promote Puig

  13. Valverde out

  14. I call it is a home

  15. can you guys please make a playlist of all the songs you use in these videos?

  16. I hate the international friendlies breaks

  17. Keep eye on kaulibaly defender .it like puyol, van dik, or Nasta

  18. Best team in the World!

  19. The music is getting better but still kinda off. I feel like it doesn’t appreciate the craft of what football is!

  20. those pants on Pique get me every time, lol

  21. Neymar》》》》》Dembele

  22. Song ?

  23. I love the background track!! What's the name/Who is it by?

  24. Pecho frio

  25. Valverde out =like

  26. Vietnam đầu tiên nha

  27. Por q no fue el gordo suarez? Mmm

  28. Like CR7
    Comment Messi .

    • KoG
    • February 10, 2021

    did ic dembele arrived in time for training ?!?

  29. Having read the article that Neyma asked for a high salary like Messi, it would be best not to bring the traitor back. haven't contributed as much to the club as Messi requires. Buying Mbappe is better than buying Neyma.

  30. Let’s get MSG Suarez LW he plays better than Dembele at left wing really

  31. عشاق ميسي

  32. They aren't on international duty

  33. Visca Barca…. I'AM from Indonesian

  34. i feel so sad about Dembele. He has so much talent thus he can use it.

  35. What happened to piques shorts lol

  36. Alba needs to be fully recovered. Junior will need to do a recovery session even Umtiti.

  37. Music off pls

  38. Legends.

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