Playin Soccer: Messi & Luis Suárez: Everything Changes

Awesome Tip: Messi & Luis Suárez: Everything Changes

Everything’s about to change between Luis Suárez & Leo Messi.
Except what’s inside them.

Todo está por cambiar entre Luis Suárez y Leo Messi.
Excepto lo que llevan dentro.

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  1. Reply

    Messi acts well.

  2. Reply

    Goodbye suarez

  3. Reply

    huh i wonder why is this so familiar hey Atletico can you help me with this

  4. Reply

    Were they actually trying to hype us up for international games never

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    Couldn't believe that this is reality

  7. Reply

    Sums up the Pichichi race right now..

    Atletico wilding

  8. Reply

    I thought 0:20 he was eating cheillini

  9. Reply

    Suarez bye bye koman nul

  10. Reply

    anyone after suwarez got kicked from barca.(wall between friendship.)

  11. Reply

    Now they actually are rivals because Suarez is in Atletico

  12. Reply

    Se te extraña en el barça Luchito ❤️

  13. Reply

    Now it real

  14. Reply

    Ho mahn

  15. Reply

    i love Luis Suarez

  16. Reply

    Iam not crying ; You are

  17. Reply

    No no no

  18. Reply

    Son, Kane. Jesus christ, that duo

    • Azul
    • January 30, 2021

    Como extraño a el pistolero luchito Suárez

  19. Reply

    How to make messi fighting with suarez?
    Argentina vs Uruguay

  20. Reply

    Shut up !!! TH why did you kick out Suarez, mann!!!

  21. Reply

    Wow Messi

  22. Reply

    i feel sad now that bartomeu and koeman kicked hime out 🙁

  23. Reply

    i love messi

  24. Reply


  25. Reply

    Recommended after Suarez joined opponent team !

  26. Reply

    Messi is beeter

  27. Reply

    everything has really changed.. they are no more together…..

  28. Reply

    they guessed the future knowing that their gonna face off later this year

  29. Reply

    Is this why Suarez left Barca

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