Playin Soccer: 🔥 MESSI is RELENTLESS in training match 🥅

Awesome Tip: 🔥 MESSI is RELENTLESS in training match 🥅

Watch the highlights of an intense training session at Ciutat Esportiva as Leo Messi banged in the goals as the team prepare for a Copa del Rey/LaLiga double header this week!


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  1. Hi

  2. Hi

  3. deactivate

  4. فسكا بارسا

  5. lionel Messi is always outstanding

  6. Leo ❣

  7. Messi shows no mercy in
    Playing with hulk
    Training thiago
    This guy is a beast


  9. They do not go hard on Messi for obvious reason that they do not want to injure him and thats why he is losing his zip cuz he gets it easy in the training.

  10. YAYAY Messi is back and he will be playing YAYAY I hope he scores and play good

  11. For Ronaldkoeman and all Barcelona players … to be able to quickly win and score lots of goals, must involve all players when attacking, and have to create a lot of opportunities in the opponent's penalty box, and try to maximize them for goals

  12. Waiting for messi vs Neymar on feb17

  13. Alba can do this shit and cant do it in a important game SMH

  14. Messi God

  15. 1:39 We need this in actual games.

  16. vamous barca

  17. so can I think that messi is planing on a hat trick next game

  18. Even tho I don't believe in koeman anymore.
    I still believe in messi, de Jong and pedri.
    And hope gets well soon.

  19. مين عربي يصف جنبي

  20. hope puig gets more chance ❤️

  21. We will shout for messi the king wants to back

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