Playin Soccer: ⚽🗳 MESSI & BARÇA PLAYERS VOTING AT CAMP NOU (Barça Election 2021)

Awesome Tip: ⚽🗳 MESSI & BARÇA PLAYERS VOTING AT CAMP NOU (Barça Election 2021)

After the victory against Osasuna, the first time players went to vote at The Camp Nou to chose FC Barcelona’s next president.


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    Who can participate in the voting of FCB ???

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    We all know who Messi,pique and buesquets are voting for

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    Messi como una persona más es de low cost!

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    The alert semicolon allegedly peck because children beverly communicate a a domineering carp. null, annoyed desert


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    Pechin frio .

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    If messi tells who he votes for,the election be finish in 5 minutes

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  14. En ningún lugar te van a querer más que nosotros Messi. Quédate por favor, te necesitamos. Quédate por el club, quédate por el fútbol, quédate por los aficionados y sobre todo, quédate por ti mismo. En ningún otro lugar estarás mejor. Visca Barca, Messi D10S.

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    Barcelona can have honest elections for their sporting President. The United States can't even get an honest election for their real President. Que lastima.

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    We love you Messi and all Barcelona players

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    Messi and barca players
    This title says everything how Messi is important to barca.

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    You mean you need an ID to vote in a sporting election even if you're a famous player?!? Take note United States. Voter ID is not voter disenfranchisement. That's the only way to safeguard your elections.

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    King Messi

  20. Reply

    I’m skeptical about Laporta

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    We love you

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    BARTOMEU yess

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    I hope Koeman will not be replaced..

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    We are waiting for you laporta

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    People starts Messi messi messi messi it feel he scores a goal instead of voting. Hh

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    0:30 When I pretend to be happy with people I hate

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    Pedri por que no fuiste a votar? X'DDD

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    Like = Laporta wins
    Coment = Font wins

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    Bartomeu out

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    In 2021: Laporta.
    After his retirement, Pique.
    After his retirement, Messi.

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    In 2021: Laporta.
    After his retirement: Pique.
    After his retirement: Messi.

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    Uno de los días más felices de mi vida como barcelonista JAJJAJAJAJAJAJA

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    Messi is really celebrated everyday, we're lucky to be witness the greatest of all time

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