Playin Soccer: Messi and Ronaldinho, a lethal combination!

Awesome Tip: Messi and Ronaldinho, a lethal combination!

Relive the incredible on-pitch relationship between the South American legends Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho.
Three years, four months and 21 days. Or, if you like, 1,240 days, the exact time that Ronaldinho and Leo Messi played together at FC Barcelona. From the time that coach Frank Rijkaard gave the Argentine his first team debut against Espanyol in October 2004 until the Brazilian’s final game for the blaugranes in March 2008, the two formed a lethal partnership in the more than three years they shared a dressing room.
Leo Messi’s first ever goal in official competition came from an assist from ‘Ronnie’, the first of many moments of magic between the two. Enjoy a selection in our video of the two Barça legends in action together!


Messi y Ronaldinho, una conexión letal. Revive la relación entre el astro argentino y el crack brasileño dentro del terreno de juego. Todas las asistencias de Ronaldinho a Messi que acabaron en gol del jugador argentino.

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    Messi can surely score the goals but Ronaldinho was a creative genius, his style of play was just unmatched

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    Every body pls subscribe my chanel

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    If these two in my team I fuckin don't worry about any team in the world

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    ronaldinho +king MESSI = championssd$s$d$

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    MESSİİİİ all of times best….the GOD..

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    These are the hidden weapons in football history

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    the best combo ever

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    damn the two finishers

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    Don’t you hate the commentators that shove the mic down there throught

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    Make a movie of Messi life….

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    Cara se, jogasem hoje os dois juntos como o Barcelona ia perder alguns jogos!!

  12. Teacher and Student !! Respect from Azerbaijan !!

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    tan fugaz como un cometa, y al mismo tiempo, se queda grabado para siempre.

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    Ronaldinho = Houdini

  15. ronaldinho is a greeter player in the world

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    tive o privilégio de ver Ronaldinho no seu auge

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    Messi and Ronaldinho are the two objectives of football. Entertainment and Results.
    RONALDINHO = ENTERTAINMENT!! Maaagic football and efficient.
    MESSI = RESULTS!! Not Magic as Dinho but tooooo efficient.

    • R J
    • February 4, 2021

    Title should be something like:
    "Ronaldinho assisting Messi"

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    Ronaldinho the best …

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    Ronaldinho is show men

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    Simply the most beautiful thing…. which other club can give u that??? VISCA BARCA!!!!!!!!!

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    ronaldinho gaucho mestre com a bola no pé fenômeno que ninguém jamais era esquece saúdo depauma pra princípio do futebol

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    Barca is the best

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