Playin Soccer: MATCH PREVIEW | Real Madrid – Barça #ElClásico

Awesome Tip: MATCH PREVIEW | Real Madrid – Barça #ElClásico

#ElClásico is nearly here! Tomorrow at 9pm CET, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will face off in what could be a hugely influential game in the 2019/20 La Liga title race. Today at Ciutat Esportiva, the players were going through their final paces whilst managers Quique Setién and Zinedine Zidane gave their pre-match press conferences! Watch the highlights of both here!


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  1. Reply

    Barca is the best 1

  2. Reply

    Oh man, great video. Now I know why this team sucks right now.They train like its Christmas everyday.
    How the fuck is this training world class?

  3. Reply

    Men seni sevirem barselona yaxsi oynayin Çempion olun vandajk transfer edin

  4. Reply

    barcelona memang hebat

  5. Reply

    En el próximo partido jugar bien macho no jugar bien mete el gol

  6. Reply

    2-0 for real
    Barcelona more like harhelona

  7. Reply

    2-0 2-0 2-0 2-0 2-0 2-0

  8. Reply


  9. Reply

    Griezmann sucks never try to go forward never try to dribble and go inside, always play safe and pass backwards to the midfield we can never score this way ,
    We need neymar
    Even braithwaite is better than griezmann by miles

    • Ion E
    • February 19, 2021

    GRIZMANN SOLD!!!We do not need a rabbit player..with no initiative!!

    • Ion E
    • February 19, 2021

    Griezman is good only for smilling..in rest usless player!!!no initiative…
    In real-barca…he had a second chance to try to score..but instead is searching for messi…paassing back..f.king the opportuity

  10. Reply

    Hahaha play more defensive.. old messi quit football

  11. What no. 17 is doing in barca? Stupid lazy no defence and no attacking

  12. Reply

    BARTOMEU…….. OUT……..

  13. Reply


  14. Reply

    Visca el Barça!! sempre!!!

  15. Reply

    Vamos con todo hoy Barcelona campion

  16. Reply

    that background music is dope el barca all the way top

  17. Reply

    Messi the best player in history

  18. Reply

    Tiki Taka

  19. Reply


  20. Reply

    Bartomeu Out!

  21. Reply

    Visca el Barça

  22. Reply

    Bartomeu OUT!

    Maldito cuarto poder lacayo de Floreta de Hamelín y los suyos.

    Humildad dentro y fuera del campo, trabajo duro para demostrar lo que realmente valen, tras casi tres años de decepciones continúas con el equipo y directiva de vividores.

  23. Reply

    Neymar and Lautaro please

  24. Reply

    du rap francais comme sa sa fait plaisir

  25. Reply

    Qui connaît le nom du son à l'arrière plan??

  26. Reply

    Vamos barca

  27. Reply

    Song name?

  28. Reply

    To day is king arturo griezman messi and more players …gooo ..bisça barça

  29. Reply

    Vamos barca a tener claros objetuvos y romper lineas y no dormirse

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