Playin Soccer: Make the Right Choice! | Attacking Midfield ThinkFast

Awesome Tip: Make the Right Choice! | Attacking Midfield ThinkFast

Make the right in choice in soccer or football! Be an intelligent attacking midfielder. This is ThinkFast!


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  2. At the moment you asking the question, I feel that the window for passing a through ball to right wing is not very open — he could lose it to center defender. After dribbling a bit it became much clearer choice.

  3. What is the background song??

  4. I will give to ozil and he will put a through ball to aubameyang and… GOAAAL

  5. Link musiic please!!

  6. Please make more videos of thinkfast for passing, shooting,using skills and ease make them long

  7. The ball should passed a through to ivombi he has also space…???

  8. cool

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  11. Can you uploed more videos commonly plsssssss

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  13. Sir… Really your videos are so moti ating. Every basic things of football… I taught from all attack… Thank you very much.. !!!

  14. How to shoot low and hard

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  24. I have downoded your all videos i am a beginner i dont know where did i start i dont practise a table vise plzz upl9ad a video that what is need to practise step by step plzz i loved this channel very much this is the best channel for begginners plz upload

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  29. What video editor do you use?

    • R B
    • February 4, 2021

    Thanks man. I try to teach this stuff to my sons team. You guys are a big help. Video liked!

  30. Make a video about bicycle kick

  31. please make a video on knuckleball olease

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