Playin Soccer: ⚽ LUIS SUÁREZ's goal vs Mallorca (FIFA #Puskas Award 2020 Nomination)

Awesome Tip: ⚽ LUIS SUÁREZ's goal vs Mallorca (FIFA #Puskas Award 2020 Nomination)

The uruguayan striker Luis Suárez is amongst the finalists for the Puskas award for best goal after his goal for Barça on 7 December 2019 against Mallorca was named on the shortlist.


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  1. Reply

    anyone else here because of his moments card

  2. Reply

    Como vcs deixaram ele sair

  3. Reply

    Messi 2004
    Neymar Messi 2013
    Neymar Messi Suarez 2014
    Messi Suarez 2017
    Messi 2020

  4. Reply

    This club has no shame just as the social media admins don't

  5. Reply

    Barcelona taking credit of suraz even after they made him leave, Barca have got nerve man!!

  6. Reply

    saudade do suares hoje de nove o barca tenho o brawate de 9 o mais ruim

    • 97 79
    • February 12, 2021

    He’s el pistolero from Wanted ! He curved the bullet better than Angelina Jolie’s !!

  7. Reply


  8. Reply


  9. Reply

    특이하고 신기할뿐…그이상 그이하도 아닌골….ㅋ 쉽게말해서 손흥민보다 못하다고 ㅎ

  10. Reply

    Now ask Braithwaite to do this.

  11. Reply

    Son and Suarez who's gonna win it?

  12. De Arrascaêta foi mais bonito por ser um gol difícil e clássico!!!!

  13. Reply

    Why you guys did disrespect suarez

  14. Reply


  15. Reply

    Lol bayern go brrrrrrrr

  16. Reply

    Who’s idea was it to sell him?

  17. Reply

    selling suarez is a disgrace

  18. Reply

    Just to remind you guys that they sold this guy for free.

  19. Reply

    Barcelona should be ashamed to let such a legend of a #9 go

  20. Reply

    So now u miss suarez

    • Nick
    • February 12, 2021

    Suarez we really miss you man!! You were awesome!! Much better than Griezmann or Braithwait

  21. Reply

    Y lo hechaste barca…

  22. Reply

    suarez please come back wene ed uu soo much

  23. Reply

    No right to show this after he was brutally sold to atleti

  24. Reply

    luis is not in barca anymore
    he should win it for acletico

  25. Reply

    I still can’t believe you sold him instead of Griezmann. He was a club legend and Griezmann is an overrated bitch who spends more time practicing goofy celebrations and getting new haircuts than training and performing well on the pitch.

  26. Reply

    No one cares if you put vids of him you sold him because your manager is shit

  27. Reply

    No offence , but son's goal should be the winner

  28. Reply

    Barcelona will compete Paris saint German messi vs neymar

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