Playin Soccer: Luis Suárez birthday celebrations and Espanyol preparations

Awesome Tip: Luis Suárez birthday celebrations and Espanyol preparations

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    • MEAB
    • April 9, 2021

    El mejor 9

  1. Reply

    like the music vibe

  2. Reply

    Good music in background

  3. Reply

    This is so relaxing :)))

  4. Reply

    Feliz cumple pistolero.

  5. Reply

    Happé birthday suàrez

  6. Reply

    Hopes both Coutinho and Mina plays. It is confirmed that their in either the bench or starting XI in this CDR match

  7. Reply

    Happy Birthday Suarez

  8. Reply

    Can't wait to see coutinho on the pitch!!!!

  9. Reply

    Ojalá juegue Mina pronto

  10. Happy Birthday Suarez WUATB

  11. Reply

    Happy birthday Luis Suarez..!!

  12. Reply

    Happy Birthday L. Suarez

  13. Reply

    Happy Birthday suarez!!! ❤

  14. Reply

    Happy Birthday

  15. Reply

    Happy birthday Suarez

  16. Reply

    Happy Birthday Amazing Forweder

  17. Reply

    Barcelona and Beşiktaş is Amazing Football team

  18. Reply

    Felicidades crak

  19. Reply

    Happy Birthday Luiz Suarez

  20. Reply

    Happy birthday

  21. Reply

    Happy birthay suarez

  22. Reply

    happy. birthday luisito

  23. Reply

    0:35 Messi in the middle of a the passing circle? I must say, this is the first time I'm seeing him that way

  24. Reply

    Name of the song ?

  25. Una duda, esta amaneciendo o esta oscureciendo?

  26. Reply

    feliz cumpleanos Suárez el pistoleiro

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