Playin Soccer: Light Intensity Football/Soccer Drills – Improve Your First Touch and Passing!

Awesome Tip: Light Intensity Football/Soccer Drills – Improve Your First Touch and Passing!

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    Make sure if you guys go and get some grip socks, you use my code JAVI10. ✌️

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    Excercise to fell the ball and catch the ball are great! Chanel of your very wonderfull!

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    Can you do a video on your body shape when dribbling like how high your chest should be, how low your legs should be and just how to look natural on the pitch from your body shape. Thanks Javi

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    Very Good Bro

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    Check out my highlight on my channel

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    Coach javi is it possible u give here yo wtsup number
    But I appreciates thnks

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    Muito bom… show!

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    Love the drills and excellent coaching!!!

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    Underrated Channel. keep the good wok up Bro

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    great training as usual from the coach, this inspires me to continue to train my son. check us out if interested on our channel. coach again keep it up

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    Coach Javi does it best. Challenge coach Javi to a taco eating contest and he’ll win… somehow

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    Great vidoe

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    First one love ur videos make some for goalkeepers!

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    Yes coach

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